Confirmed: the next Mercedes GLC X254 will have the portrait display from the new C-Class

The new Mercedes GLC, X254, from 2022
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In a new spy movie with the future Mercedes GLC X254, the dashboard with the portrait display taken from the new C-Class is observed for the first time.

After the future Mercedes GLC, codenamed X254, was caught during the winter tests at the end of March, a new short movie with the camouflaged car movie was posted on youtube by the walkoARTvideos channel.

This time, the car runs through the city, very possibly through the suburbs of Stuttgart.
At the second 12 of the film it is observed how the driver who realizes that he is being filmed covers the display of the  instrument cluster and that of the multimedia system with a black cloth but it is too late.
The camera has already captured the dashboard.

Of course, it’s not a surprise because we anticipated a month ago that the future GLC will take over the new dashboard architecture from the recently launched C-Class. It’s just a confirmation of what we anticipated a month ago based on the fact that the new GLC takes over the MRA II platform also used at C-Class.

Thus, GLC will have a multimedia system with a 9.5-inch screen as standard while the 11.9-inch screen will be optional. It is not clear in the film whether the center console will be tilted towards the driver as in the C-Class or not.

It is also noticeable again that the future GLC is slightly larger and the hood is longer than the current model. Therefore, we believe that, although the AMG version will have only 4 cylinders and electric turbo, there will be 6-cylinder versions.

Recently Mercedes launched on the current GLC 400d the new 3.0 liter diesel OM656 with 6 cylinders inline and for sure will be found also on the next generation because it is a very clean engine, which meets Euro 6d standards and has very low NOx emissions.

As we already announced, the new Mercedes GLC X254 will debut in 2022.