Confirmed: ”Baby-G-Wagen” (New Mercedes GLB) will Share Renault Technology

Future Mercedes-Benz GLB
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The future looks very busy for Mercedes-Benz, and the latest confirmation from the german premium brand is related to Mercedes GLB, a compact crossover due to go into production in 2019 based on the next evolution of MFA platform, named MFA2.

Mercedes-Benz GLB (code name X247) is going to be a small-scaled G-Class in terms of looks (the 2012 concept Ener-G Force is a preview of it’s style), but will underpin the MFA2 platform, which is the base for the future A-Class and B-Class families. As we’ve seen earlier, this platform is going to spawn many variants of the 2018 A-Class, but also Infiniti models (QX30 for start).

According to insider informations, the MFA2 architecture will be lighter, stiffer, more flexible and cheaper in production process.

But why are we talking about Renault? Because the French carmaker is said to share small engines with three-cylinders reserved for entry-level models, meanwhile Mercedes will be in charge of 4 cylinder units, including the top diesel 204 HP 2.2 litre and the new 2 litre turbo with 272 HP.  There is even going to be a top-model GLB45 AMG, that will feature a whopping 380 HP twin-turbo 2.0 liter petrol 4-cylinder.

As CAR Magazine reports, it looks like the new GLB is going to be a 7-seat brother for the compact crossover GLA, more spacious and versatile, but also more capable in the wilderness. The GLB will be offered as a front-wheel drive only, for on-road use, but also in an all-wheel drive 4MATIC, along with an off-road body kit, for those who need more adventure.

Prices are estimated to be €3000 higher than GLA’s, therefore the Mercedes-Benz GLB could start in Europe from 32,000 euro, which will be lower than the GLK successor, named GLC.