Common Car Accidents and How to Avoid Them

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Cars are the world’s preferred transportation medium. According to a survey conducted in the United States, only 12% of the respondents reported not having a car. The centrality of cars in daily life means that the rest of our life is also structured around them, with numerous parking lots and car-friendly roads.

With so many cars on the road, accidents are likely to happen. Minor accidents may not cause worry, but they can damage your vehicle. Understanding common car accidents can help you avoid them when you’re on the road. Read on:

1. Rear-End Collisions
You can damage your vehicle if you accidentally hit the vehicle in front of you or if the car behind you hits your rear end. This damage is a significant cause of auto insurance claims. You can avoid these accidents by always keeping a safe distance from the next car. You should also stay around three seconds away from the next vehicle and more in unsafe weather conditions. Avoid situations where you have to use brakes suddenly.

Be sure never to drive under the influence. If you have alcohol in your system, get a cab or have a friend take you home. Driving under the influence can cause rear-end collisions and worse accidents. Always keep your eye on the road, and don’t get distracted. Put your complete focus on driving, and never text while driving.

2. Single-Vehicle Accidents
These refer to those crashes in which no other car is involved. Even autonomous vehicles such as Google have been involved in such collisions. They could happen when your car hits a stop sign, a mailbox, or a road barrier. They can also occur if an animal suddenly comes on the road.
Sometimes drivers don’t take precautions for snowy, foggy, or rainy conditions and try to only drive on clear days. If you drive in dangerous weather, ensure your blinkers are on and go slow to avoid skidding.

While you may not hit another vehicle, driving without keeping the weather in mind will put you at risk of single-vehicle accidents.
Drivers also often get distracted if they see an empty road and text, eat, or make phone calls. Doing so is risky and puts your safety at risk. Avoid driving too fast, as it makes it difficult to control your vehicle when you suddenly notice an animal or a barrier on the road.

3. Windshield Damage
Windshield damage is minor but typical car damage that drivers often overlook. As such, it can lead to problems in the future. A major cause of windshield damage is when other vehicles hurl debris on the road, which hits your windshield. You can prevent this by keeping a safe distance from other hefty autos such as trucks. Avoid driving behind snow plows when they drop granular substances, which can cause a chipped windshield. If you get windshield damage, have it fixed immediately by a repair service such as

Car accidents are scary, but they result from our highly car-centric lifestyle. Knowing about common car accidents and what precautions you can take to avoid them helps keep you and your loved ones safe. Safety precautions such as not texting while driving or maintaining your distance on the road can help you avoid most accidents, from rear-end collisions to single-vehicle accidents and windshield damage. If your car gets damaged, don’t drive it until you repair it from a credible service.