Hot & Cool: Six-meter Mercedes-Maybach coupe concept is official

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Lovers of seemingly endless wealth beware. Mercedes-Maybach has released the first teaser picture of a nearly six-meter übercoupé. The colossal Mercedes-Maybach coupe is set to debut on the 18th of August, at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Mercedes-Maybach announced the arrival of a very special monster via a message on Twitter. A name we have not yet, but the image that we see speaks volumes. This shows an extremely stretched coupe with a long bonnet, a minuscule greenhouse and a long sloping roofline that extends right into the elongated tail. The side view is decorated with a long chrome bar. The side mirrors are extremely narrow.

“Hot & Cool – Almost six meters or ultimate luxury”, as Mercedes-Maybach describes the red megacoupé after releasing a shadowy image of it. Almost six meters! Let us just sink this in. A short-wheelbase S-Class measures 5.17 meters in length, the long-wheelbase kicks in to an impressive 5.25 meters and the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 measures up to 5.45 meters. That would mean that the Mercedes-Maybach coupe is about half a meter longer than the latter and almost a meter longer than an S-Class Coupe.

As is often the case with concept cars shown at Pebble Beach, the still unnamed and undoubtedly excessive luxury colossus is not expected to enter production. At least any time soon. That is not to say that a Mercedes-Maybach coupe cannot be added to the model range, especially if Mercedes wants to mimic the coachbuilding success experienced by Rolls-Royce. Next week we will know more about this still nebulous mega coupe.