Close to production Mercedes-AMG GT4 caught for the first time

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The Mercedes-AMG GT4 is already out testing? Fresh after its Geneva motor show premiere the seductive four-door supercar has been caught in close to production spec, for the first time.’s spy photographer got these photos of a mysterious Mercedes. Is this the first sign of life from the AMG GT4? Grab your magnifying glass now, because these pictures require the necessary research. In fact, we see a car that very much resembles the upcoming CLS successor, but at some points it seems to be a different car.

Thus we see that the C-pillar ends much more abruptly, the rear is lower and the rear lights are much slimmer and wider. If we look at the nose, it seems that the hood is higher and the car has a more upright nose.

When we compare the camouflaged car with the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept that was unveiled recently, we see that the rear here is indeed identical. However, the roof is not as stretched and also the C-pillar seems completely different. The LB-badge we do know belongs to Mercedes-AMG and in combination with the exhaust pipes and the large disc brakes seems to confirm that this is indeed a car coming from Affalterbach.

Assuming that indeed this is the first prototype of the GT4, we have here the first view of the Porsche Panamera competitor of Mercedes in close to production guise. The concept car already looked ahead of its time with a hybrid powertrain, combining the 4.0-liter biturbo V8 with an electric motor for a system output north of 816 hp. We hope to see soon more of this car, expected to debut in 2019.

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