Classic Mercedes models underperform at Auctionata autumn sale

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Strange world. 24 classic Mercedes models failed to spark the buyers’ interest in Auctionata autumn sale. Among them a highly coveted 170 V Hooper and an SLR McLaren 722.

A 14% sales ratio is hardly impressive these days. Yes, this is how much the auction in Berlin succeeded to do with most of the cars on show not even reaching their initial reserve. Auctionata suspended the sale so only 4 out the total 28 vintage cars have actually found an owner. The auction house certainly had hoped for significantly higher bids.

Whether we’re talking about the limited CLK DTM and SLR McLaren 722, the rarities Unimog 404 S 4×4 or the Hooper cage body 170 V – all these Mercedes vehicles are still looking for a new house. Either the bidders were not in a buying mood, the estimated prices, and limits were set too optimistic, or the state did not fit; there are many possible reasons, but it is clear, classic Mercedes buyers are hard to find.

The only good performers have been two W126 S-Class models, which succeeded to reach their estimates. These were two Japanese imports with low mileage. 

The provenance is critical for classic cars. Where do they come from, which country they were first shipped to. Some countries are particularly popular, some less. In Japan imports are the stars. They were usually appointed with very good amenities and the top engine. And they came in LHD, because that stands in Japan for a status symbol. Furthermore, the Japanese – similar to the Swiss in Europe – place a lot of emphasis on the care of their classics.

And last but not least, the noble coaches from Germany are often kept in the garage – so have accordingly exhibited low mileages. Among the automobiles offered on December 8 by Auctionata, 17 came with foreign papers: 10 from Japan, one each from Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, France, the USA, Monaco and South Africa. 

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One of our highlights of the auction was a Mercedes 560 SEL – Japan import. Made in 1986 it came among other things with the rare trip computer, electric sunroof, air conditioning, heated seats for the rear passengers, and of course the top engine. Its 5.6-liter V8 makes 272 hp and had previously little to do. Presumably, the car had been used only for Sunday trips to the Golf Club, in any event, the odometer currently stands at only 52,192 km. The bids started at € 10,000. The estimate for this top-exemplar was specified between 20,000 and 22,000 euros. We predicted a healthy surcharge, but the final bid was precisely in the context of the estimated price. At 21,280 euros, the hammer fell. An attractive price for this car given the outstanding maintenance history: The checkbook specifies the last inspection records were performed at 38 756, 40 605, 42 742, 47 848, 49 837, 51 719, 52 001, 52 157 and 52 192 km.

A second W126, but with the three-liter straight-six under its bonnet, was also sold for 21,280 euros. The 1989 copy with only 24,641 km mileage, fabric interior in blue suede (072) and Dark blue paint has came with electrically adjustable front seats, electric sunroof, electrically adjustable steering column, air conditioning, folding armrest, cruise control, catalytic converter, electric mirrors, power windows, radio, aluminum rims and burl wood finish.

Second Chance for Mercedes fans

11 gorgeous classic Mercedes models from the Auctionata lot will be auctioned again after failing to reach their estimate price. Together with Classic Trader vehicles offered in the aftermath of the auction. For more information visit and Let’s see what Auctionata’s goodies/leftovers list looks like.

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From the army to Hooper: Mercedes 170 V

Lot 17 is a Mercedes 170 V, which in 1939 was handed over to the Army High Command. After his military service the car (chassis number 441473) went to England, where it was “demilitarized”. In his case, that meant a new body made by Hooper, which draws attention to itself with a twist. The middle part of the body including stalls consists of a basket weave, the bumpers are made of wood.

Auctionata indicates a state 2 of this Mercedes 170 V – although this is an assessment of the consignor. From this it is only known that he is a Mercedes-collectors and the car has been in his possesion for a long time. The starting price was 22,000 euros, the estimate at around 40,000 to 50,000 euros. But the auction ended at 32,000 Euro.

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Knight in shining armor: Unimog S 404 4×4

Our next highlight of the Mercedes-only auction is a car only a few details are known of: Unimog S 404 4×4 from 1960 with firefighters structure.

The Unimog is one of the most coveted classics today. The unit offered comes with the rare firefighter worklights. Its 2.2-liter four-cylinder in-line engine originates from the passenger car sector and provides 82 hp. Thanks to the all-wheel drive and the variable transmission with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears, the Unimog knows hardly a hurdle that he could not conquer.

The workhorse came in the past 55 years, however, hardly to show his skills – only 24,087 km appear on the odometer. The estimate was 22,000 to 24,000 euros, the starting price set at 12,000 euros. With a high bid of 15,000 euros and this rarity remained significantly behind the estimated price.

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At 320 km / h electronically limited: Mercedes CLK DTM coupe

The fastest-ever C-Class: 5.4-liter V8 with 582 hp, 800 Nm at 3,500 / min, 7-speed Speedshift gearbox and a top speed of 320 km / h – electronically limited! The Mercedes CLK DTM coupe was built in a small series of 100 copies until 2004. The car was Stuttgart’s way to celebrate the DTM season in 2003 when they won 9 of the races.

The original price then was 236,000 euros. The alabaster white vehicle has only 16,278 kilometers on the clock and is touted as “new car similar”. The estimate was 300,000 to 350,000 euros, the starting bid at 170,000 euros. The car has not been sold at all, but will soon be re-offered by the Auctionata shop.