Clash of the Titans: Mercedes S 550 versus BMW 750i (video)

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Every time the S-Class settles itself at the very top of the automobile world, BMW launches a new 7 Series. But can it ever top the Benz? Now, Jason Camissa, senior editor at Motor Trend delivers the verdict.

This war has been going on and on for decades. The S-Class has always outpaced the 7 Series, though, especially in terms of actual sales figures. Both the S 500 and the 750i represent the very best Mercedes and BMW can offer right now, surpassing any other rival.

But with the latest generations, the Mercedes has become more dynamic than ever, while the Bimmer embraced the formula of sheer understatement. Are the classic roles reversed? Not quite. The S 550 is still the most refined and elegant limousine in its class, scoring big with its opulent interior and gorgeous design. The 750i is more subdued, keeping the old model’s basic shape and improving more in terms of technology with such novelties like gesture control and a remote self-parking feature.

But the initial question remains. Is the S 550 still the king of the world? Motor Trend’s comparison test clarifies this in the video below.