Would You Choose a Lagonda Over an S-Class Maybach?

Mercedes-Benz S-Class vs. Aston Martin Lagonda
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Daimler is not interested in incorporating Aston Martin, so that Mercedes-Benz will remain only a technical partner for the British luxury brand. Which means that the new Aston Martin Lagonda will be a strong competitor for the most luxurious S-Class variants. Or, better, for the future Mercedes-Maybach products.

The new Aston Martin Lagonda luxury cruiser revives a name that appeared almost 40 years ago. That was about the same time Mercedes-Benz invented the “S-Class” famous denomination. Tat is now synonymous to “luxury executive car” all over the world. But, while the S-Class evolved into the most desirable large executive saloon of the moment, the Lagonda was dead for a number of decades.

The Aston Martin Lagonda came as a surprise

The new Lagonda comes as a big surprise for the auto industry. First of all, it was an unexpected move from the British manufacturer,. And it happened after the Lagonda SUV concept showcased in the recent years. Then, the new Lagonda uses the same technical platform as the 4-door-coupe Aston Martin Rapide and also the same interior styling and elements. But the British made the light body CFRP (Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Plastic).

And finally, the new Lagonda entered too quietly into the scene. That happened despite the fact that it’s a direct competitor for Rolls Royce or Bentley. And, very important, for the future Mercedes-Maybach limousines, because the Aston Martin Lagonda has a 5.4 meters length and a 3.2 meters wheelbase, which is more than enough for any sheik (all of Lagondas will go to Middle East’s clients).

The car will feature the V12 on the Rapide, which is said to develop over 500 HP, but the car could very well use the Mercedes-Benz turbocharged V12, that develops 530 HP on the S600 L, or even the powerful AMG V12 on the S 65 AMG Coupe, with an output of 630 HP and a strong 1,000 Nm maximum torque.

Now it’s only a matter of taste for the clients. Will they prefer the classical approach of a hand-crafted interior of the Aston Martin Lagonda? Or will they appreciate more the high-tech universe of the new S-Class? The latter will add super-luxury in the Maybach variants.