Daimler executive from China fired after parking spot quarrel

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A Daimler executive from China managed to get fired after allegedly pepper sprayed locals and made racist remarks in quarrel over a parking spot in Beijing, The New York Times reports.

Asked for confirmation, Daimler Greater China refused to release the employee’s name or further details, but did admit the removal of the executive and the “regrettable” nature of the reason behind his timely departure.

China News Daily has been more generous and revealed that the sacked executive was in fact Daimler’s CEO and president of the trucks and buses division in China, Rainer Gärtner. Apparently, the German lost his temper after being confronted for occupying the parking spot someone else was actively backing into, insulting the other driver and Chinese in general, before pepper spraying the bystanders angered by his behavior.

He is also quoted saying “I have been in China for a year. The first thing I learned here is that all Chinese are bastards!” Certainly not the kind of commentary worthy of a Daimler executive. A “regrettable matter” indeed.

Source: chinadaily.com.cn