Chechen style: The longest Mercedes wedding convoy. EVER!

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Chechnya is certainly not a country usually associated with wealth and luxury cars. Now a wave of youtube videos seem to prove us wrong depicting not only a lavish wedding but also the longest Mercedes convoy ever.

Ok, we admit, the convoy doesn’t consist of Mercedes S-Class and G-Class jewels only, but also a handful of Rolls-Royce Phantoms, Wraiths and Ghosts plus the mandatory classics.

The big wedding was set in place by none other than the Head of the Chechen Republic (ex-Soviet country) and former Chechen rebel, Ramzan Kadîrov, for its nephew. This explains the high-class audience in attendence.

But why such a big convoy? Rutam Tapaev, Youth Party leader explains: „This is an old custom in Caucasus. Whenever a wedding (or a funeral) takes place, all the guests are lining up their posh rides in a long convoy. The bigger the convoy, the bigger the respect and prestige is shown to the bride and groom.”

Source: MercedesBenzCHR