Change looks for the summer – 20 new wheels for all Mercedes-Benz models

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There are 20 new wheels that can set up the summer look of the Mercedes-Benz models. They come to the market to add the touch of sportiness and elegance to any of the cars in the current 3-point star brand models. Product manager Oliver Rak answers questions regarding the new light-alloy wheels from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmhH.

Mr Rak, the Mercedes-Benz Accessories range contains several thousand products. But light-alloy wheels have been the undisputed top sellers for many years. Why do you think this is?

Oliver Rak: The light-alloy wheels from Mercedes-Benz Accessories enable each vehicle to be individualised to a high standard. We offer customers a wide range of wheel designs for Saloons, SUVs, Coupés and Roadsters, catering for every taste – from sporty to elegant, from slender multi-spoke wheels to large, distinctive wheels.

Mercedes-Benz wheels (2)

Oliver Rak sets out the trends in the light-alloy wheels design:

“Large formats are still very much ‘in’, as well as are light-alloy wheels with a high-sheen finish, whose allure stems from the contrast between the seemingly bare metal surface and the painted areas.”

And it is not all about design. The Mercedes-Benz genuine wheels, no matter the shape, number of spokes and width, they must comply with the stringent requirements of the company’s standard wheels. Every wheel must pass a wide variety of endurance tests.

Aside from their visual characteristics, what makes these wheels so impressive is their excellent quality standard. Furthermore, these wheels can be fitted without the need for assessment or TÜV entries in the vehicle documents as they already meet the vehicle homologation requirements”, says the company’s product manager.