Challenging the unknown in a Mercedes-Benz GLC

Mercedes-Benz GLC
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Not yet seen. Not yet touched. Not yet captured on camera. In the era of the selfies snapped even on the top of Mount Everest or even under water, are there still such places? The Mercedes-Benz GLC starts out on a 5-day trip to uncharted territories, all the way from Las Vegas to the opposite coast of the US.

Two top photojournalists, Magdalena Wosinska and Danny Christensen, ventured across the Pacific Northwest, onboard the new Mercedes-Benz GLC, to find the far-off pristine land. Their mission takes them to the most isolated locations, yet to be geo-tagged on Instagram and Flickr.

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“If I wasn’t a photographer, I’d be a racecar driver. I have to devour life. Everyone takes risks”, says Magdalena Wosinska, while driving along the Route 50.

Driving for miles on a secluded dirt road, without spotting a single human being, they reach the Olympics National Park. Only a few minutes of daylight left. They get the campfire going and freeze the perfect sunset in a photo session.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

“You meet people, you see things that you didn’t know existed. Go to the places where no one normally goes. Venture out into unknown territory.” This is how Danny Christensen describes the trek in the godforsaken locations.

After thousands of miles run along solitary dirt roads in the middle of nowhere, through ranches and rain forests, the road trip through the Pacific Northwest, in search of uncharted territory, has come to an end. The camera containing the precious shots is packed up safely. Photos are just images, but memories will linger. The Mercedes-Benz GLC is like nothing on the road.

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