CES 2019 – Vision URBANETIC shows the future of city mobility

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The Vision Urbanetic is the vehicle for the city of the future. It is efficient, passenger-oriented and features intuitively detectable communication features. As you may have guessed, it is fully autonomous.

Opening new perspectives on autonomous free-emission driving, the vehicle can take the shape of a passenger transporter or of a cargo module for freight transportation. The concept targets reducing the traffic flows and relieving inner-city infrastructure, while providing a better urban quality of life.

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The visionary concept acts as part of an ecosystem, in which wishes are transmitted digitally, but also gives the chance to the skeptical passengers to anticipate the next move of the autonomous vehicle. With that purpose, the vehicle must inform the occupants or other traffic participants on its intentions at all times. Based on “informed trust”, this is exactly what the Vision Urbanetic is doing. Making use of various camera and sensor systems, the vehicle fully detects the characteristics of the environment and actively communicates with it. Therefore, pedestrians crossing the street are informed by a display located at the front of the vehicle, that it is safe to proceed.

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Several hundred light units signal the approaching persons that they have been “seen”. The people’s contours are shown schematically on the outer shell. Pedestrians or cyclists can assess upcoming actions of the vehicle quickly and reliably.

An IT infrastructure, specifically developed, analyzes demands in real time and learns them as well, thus becoming capable of anticipating needs and responding accordingly.