Carlex Design Sprinter – step into my van, we’ve got cookies

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If there was ever a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter to suit Darth Vader or any other dark villain you can think of, than this Carlex creation must be it. Just look at all this sumptuous evilness.

It starts on the outside. It might not have that many modifications to a standard Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – it’s just the front spoiler, the rims and tinted windows – but it’s enough to make it look menacing. Photographing it against a black backdrop on a shiny surface and with some eerie mist floating around it surely amps the drama (as does Photoshop).

Carlex Design Sprinter |

But it’s the inside that really make the hairs on your back stand up and tingle. You feel like you’re looking at the royal hall of a very rich and cruel king, all condensed into the back of a van. You enter and you feel like you should take a bow or even kneel, or that would be the end of the connection between your head and the rest of your body.

So it should sell well. Carlex Design knows that this kind of image catches the minds of those nouveau-riche in the Eastern part of the world, be it Russia, the Middle-East or China. Basically, you can’t go wrong with leather and gold finishes.

Carlex Design Sprinter |

The Carlex Design Sprinter uses the finest leather for the seats (it’s got four in the back and two up front) which can be specced in 40 different colours, along with the aluminium and polished steel elements inside the cabin. There’s also plenty of wood and soft textile carpets to soothe your senses while you watch tv and all the other features of the equipped premium multimedia system.

Carlex Design Sprinter |

All this luxury would be nothing without comfort, so the Carlex Design Sprinter comes equipped with a pneumatic suspension because every evil mastermind needs peace and quiet to come up with his world domination plans.

There’s no mention of a price tag for all this extravaganza, nor whether it is repeatable or just a one-off. Kind of like the Death Star…