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It looks exactly like a pure-bread sports car, but it is none other than the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. This is what Carlex Design made of the iconic offroader, the year it turns 40.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class received a gift from Carlex Design on its 40th anniversary. The already luxurious and super potent G, in its AMG G63 guise, now comes with a black-and-red interior that make it look like a racer. But there are things that help onlookers easily tell it apart from a car that usually hits the track.

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Towering above just any vehicle out there, the G-Class also comes with squared-off proportions that would make it a public enemy in terms of aerodynamics.

But going back inside, there is the mix of contrasting colors leather, the red detailing in the center console and carbon fiber inserts that would confuse any occupant. Plates or embroideries that indicate the anniversary year, reading “40 Years of Legend”, also displaying the angular shape of the vehicle, show up in the door panels, backrests of the front seats, dashboard grab handle and roofliner.

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Carlex Design keeps the details on the change under wraps and the price is available only upon request. But knowing the type of quality level Carlex fits into the vehicles it comes across, it surely is not cheap.

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