Caravan Salon 2017 – Check out the $800,000 luxury Mercedes truck!

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The 2017 Caravan Salon has debuted in Dusseldorf. The event has opened its doors on August 26th, with luxury vehicles. Mercedes-Benz Vans and Trucks take center stage with expensive and practical means of transportation, taking camping to a whole new level.

 Luxury comes for a price. None of the Mercedes-Benz trucks turned into camping vehicles comes for less than 160,000 euros. The 2017 Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf has brought into the spotlight the most extravagant of vehicles. Everything from fast, small and easily manoeuvrable mobile homes based on the Sprinter – to gigantic liners for which you need a truck driving license is there. So here are the three biggest things at the Caravan Salon.

  1. The VarioMobil Signature 1200 – 786,990 euros

It looks like an Actros from the front, as the VarioMobil Signature 1200 is, in fact, an Actros 2553 LLL. The manufacturer displays a floor plan with a living room. The large cab provides a second row of seats, with four people being able to ride along at the front. A foldable bed is located above the driver’s seat.

A large kitchen with an induction cooker completes the open space living room. The “Push to Open” drawer system automatically closes during the journey.

  1. The Concorde Centurion – 540,000 euros

The Concorde is based on the Actros truck, the 1843 L variant and available in three ground plans with a new design concept. The driver and the passenger benefit from the presence of Pullman seats.

The indoor space measures no less than three meters in width. The vehicle features all the Mercedes-Benz passenger cars credentials: electronic braking system, stability control, lane maintenance and distance keeping assistance.

  1. The Morelo Empire Liner – 459,990 euros

Cheaper, but just as luxurious, Morelo is a whole empire on wheels: the Empire Liner. The glamorous motorhome is built on the basis of the Atego truck. It is completely glazed on the sides and decorated with the Morelo family emblem. A sports car can easily fit inside it.

The design follows the lines of the Sensual Purity concept, with high-quality materials.

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  • Goodnight.
    I’m looking for motorhome manufacturers like Magellano, Ketterer or XTS Motorhome. to specialize in trucks such as the Actros or the VarioMobil 1200 as exhibited at the 2017 Expo in Dusseldorf.
    The question is. you know these signatures that make these motorhome? or better yet does Mercedes Benz directly? if you do it yourselves I would like to know who I can contact.