Car overboard! Mercedes caught up by flood caused by broken pipe

Pembroke Pines, Miami
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An electrical company has drowned a Mercedes-Benz in Pembroke Pines, Miami. As strange as it may sound, it’s the truth. The technicians were trying to install a light pole, but dag a bit too deep and broke a water pipe. A white Mercedes was half-way under water.

For seven hours, other workers than those who broke the water pipe tried to fix the mistake and save the car which was left drowning. Water had kept flowing out for an hour, until they managed to shut off the valve.

“I thought it was raining, I thought it rained too much”, says the female driver who was caught by waves of water, while she was driving her Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

She and her friend managed to get off the car and walk to a safer place, but her Mercedes stayed there for hours, in the middle of Douglas Road in Pembroke Pines, with the water covering three quarters of the tires, all due to a broken pipe.

“I’ve saved so much for this car, it is really heartbreaking, cause I will probably never drive it again”, she says.

Late at night, the Mercedes was pulled out of the water and fortunately, the owner was told by the mechanics, it will work again.