Captain America of Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS! How to survive the champagne attack on the podium

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Is Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS the squad with the best sense of humor? From the head of the team, Toto Wolff, racing with a mini-kart in the office, all the way to the Lewis Hamilton complaining that he needs to go to the toilet during the press conference, the team members seem to get a lot of laughs throughout the season. Now we’ve got Captain America Ron Meadows giving a tutorial on how to stay dry on the podium.

Through all the joy in Budapest, after the 1-2 finish of Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS, a new super hero was born! It is the Sporting Director of the team, Ron Meadows, designated to go up on the podium and receive the Constructors’ trophy.

Usually, the executives that are presented with the award leave the podium soaking wet. But the new Marvel hero Ron Meadows displayed his ninja moves up there and successfully blocked the champagne attacks launched by Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. How did he do it? Watch the hilarious tutorial to find out where he got his moves from!

In Budapest, the post-race conference took less than usual! The world champion Lewis Hamilton really, really, really needs to go to the bathroom. Rival teammate Nico Rosberg seems to be willing to give him another solution. But a journalist wanted to know more about his taste in music. Lewis seemed quite nervous, but kind enough to answer the question and postpone the moment of relief. “Can I go now?” he begged. Watch the funny momnet of the drivers’ press conference starting 16:55.