Cannonball Run: Mercedes-AMG E 63 gets in record time from New York to Los Angeles

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Drive from the east coast to the west coast of the US as quickly as possible. That is the goal of the famous Cannonball Run. The most recent attempt turned out to be very successful, because three men managed to beat the old record with a Mercedes-AMG E 63.

In the United States, all boundaries fade when it comes to long stretches of driving, but you can hardly imagine it as crazy as this. Three men started in New York and arrived 27 hours and 25 minutes later on the Los Angeles coast. They crossed the country in a car made for comfortable but very fast transport; a Mercedes-AMG E 63 from 2015.

The car was equipped with an extra large fuel tank, the necessary motor upgrades (good for a capacity of around 700 hp). All AMG features were cunningly hidden with silver-gray tape. The rear lights were also partially taped, so that the car was not immediately recognizable as a modern (and fast) Mercedes in the dark. With the push of a button, the rear lights and brake lights could also be turned off completely for extra inconspicuous driving.

Of course the latter had to happen mainly because of the illegality of this promotion. The gentlemen had to break, state after state, the current speed limits. The Mercedes was driven from coast to coast at an average speed of almost 165 km / h. That is seen throughout the trip, including stops. They stood still for only 22 minutes in the nearly 27.5-hour journey, which covered 4,520 km. The highest speed that was clocked was 310 km / h.

A true arsenal of navigation systems, GPS equipment, police alarms, heat cameras and even an aircraft radar had to prevent the men from following the enforcers to jail. A total of no fewer than eighteen people helped them throughout the route to check for the possible presence of police.

Successfully so, because the men managed to reach the Portofino Hotel in Los Angeles in record time. The Mercedes seemed to let them down for a while when the engine started to run irregularly, but after a restart the problem was resolved. So there is therefore a new target time for everyone who also wants to try this. But don’t just think about it, because these men put hundreds of hours of preparation (and undoubtedly a lot of money) into it. At least it is cool!