Camping in Portugal with the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo

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Mercedes-Benz reporter Yasmine went shopping. That’s obviously not the point. No fancy shoes, nor designer bags. She went grocery shopping, as she’s going camping in a Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo. There’s plenty of room for us in it, so let’s go with her.

Bottles in the bar, food in the fridge, other foods in other stock spaces. This car is like a moving kitchen. And there’s a wardrobe in the back. Once she fills that up, too, off she goes.

Mercedes-Benz reporter says that driving the Marco Polo in the city as just as easy as handling it along the wide country roads. And even though the vehicle is not a lightweight one, it can easily reach high speeds.

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo

“We are equipped with Mercedes-Benz latest turbo diesel engine, so we could go up to 200 km/h and all the while, we are, of course, benefitting from Mercedes-Benz well known safety standards, so we do feel well protected”, Yasmine explains.

“It is very manoeuvrable and it does feel rather light despite the size, so I am having a real good time and I think we’re almost at the beach”. And yes, there she parks the Marco Polo next to the beach of the Atlantic Ocean and gets ready to spend there the next 12 hours of her road trip.

“Picture perfect, isn’t it?”, she rhetorically asks, while spreading her arms to enjoy the ocean breeze, the smell of ocean salt and the warmth of the sun. And because it’s almost time for dinner, Yasmine is ready to cook.

“I am about to get nice and comfy right here. Thankfully, the Marco Polo does come with some outdoor camping equipment as standard, but first things first. I am gonna get my cook on now and lucky us, we do have a fully functional kitchen.”

We will not tell you what she cooks, let’s make it a surprise, shall we?

But we tell you that by sunset, she has a perfect ending to a perfect dinner, holding a glass of wine in her hand. And then she gets settled in for the night. By the simple push of a button, the upper sleeping area extends, so there is no need to build up a tent, even though she says she used to do that a lot with her family, when she was a kid.

“In comparison to that, how awesome is this! The Marco Polo can accommodate up to four people, two downstairs and two upstairs. I am going to be bunking upstairs, why don’t we go check that out?”

Yes, she’s right, plenty of space. But let’s give her some privacy and we’ll meet her again in the morning. Soon after sunrise, she’s making coffee and getting breakfast ready.

“From the driving to the cooking, the sleeping, the comfort, to the adaptability of the Marco Polo, I honestly had no idea how fun and relaxed and simple can camping be.”
And sets off for a brand-new destination.