Cabrio G-Class Monster: A very special Mercedes-Benz G 500 4×4² Landaulet

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A very special Mercedes-Benz G 500 4×4² Landaulet has surfaced online. This Mercedes G-Class, unique in the world, was not built by the German manufacturer. Instead, it is the result of an independent crazy project by RDB LA tuning house.

The former Mercedes G-Class ended its long-run with a 4×4 “squared” version for the wealthy off-road fans, with its twin-turbo V8 producing more than 400 horsepower. Just before the introduction of the new G-Class, the German manufacturer has even launched a Maybach Landaulet G 650 equipped with a V12 and a convertible top at the rear.

But this gray G-Class cabriolet has nothing to do with the Mercedes “official” G 650.

It is actually a G 500 4×4² modified by RDB LA, at the request of a customer who wanted to convert his vehicle into a cabriolet. The trainer was inspired by the real G 650 Landaulet Mercedes, and the machine is 610 mm longer in length compared to the original model (see video).

But was it not enough to just buy a G 650 rather than get into such a complicated preparation?