C is for comfort with 2018’s Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes C-Class
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Cool, chilled, comfortable…these are just a few of the side effects one might feel from stepping into Mercedes’ latest Mercedes C-Class. Of course, some of this can be attributed to the latest list of add-ons that Mercedes are treating their customers to, some of which are a little more obscure than we’re used to.

Focusing on wellbeing

Perhaps in response to a trending global focus on better mental and physical health, the latest C-Class has been designed with the driver’s wellbeing in mind. Far from the comfort modes and luxurious interiors Mercedes are so well known for, the latest add-ons have gone one step further – even pumping in relaxing smells into the car.

Mercedes have developed a “wellbeing cabin” which has been designed to calm the driver in uncomfortable or anxious situations, such as heavy traffic. In addition to creating the perfect smelling ambience, the cabin can be programmed to play songs that best suit the driver’s mood, while also changing the lighting where appropriate.

If this wasn’t enough, the C-class also features a massage function, in combination with more standard features such as heated seating.

Autonomous features

While all of this may sound like it’s enough to send the driver off to sleep, motorists can rest assured that the C-Class is hugely intelligent, utilising some of the most innovative self-driving technology to date. The C-Class is not fully autonomous just yet, but it does offer cameras and radars with a 500m field of vision. It can also automatically adjust speeds when approaching roundabouts, junctions or simply sharp turns.

Driving is made even easier with some other handy on-board features, including a three-dimensional sat nav with traffic and weather warnings. Bargain hunters will also be delighted to see details of the nearest, cheapest petrol stations, while parking is no longer a nightmare thanks to live updates of where to find free parking spaces.

Of course, with all these incredible add-ons, the newest C-Class does not come cheap. Expect to pay a minimum of £30,000 without the upgrades – luxuries such as wireless smartphone charging come at an additional cost.

Branching out

Prices in this range will come as no surprise to Mercedes’ latest market – they’re also appealing to those who appreciate the finer things in life with the release of a new yacht. The Arrow460-Grandturismo is currently retailing at $1.7 million and will debut at the Monaco Yacht Show this year. It’s a project that’s six years in the making but has all the hallmarks of classic Mercedes design – slick, smooth and stylish.

It seems that comfort is the flavour of the month for Mercedes at the moment, and whether it’s relaxing to your own custom-made playlist or sailing the oceans, the latest releases from Mercedes certainly will not disappoint.

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  • David says:

    The C-class Mercedes is designed for not only luxury but also for comfort modes to globally focus on better mental and physical health of drivers. Get more information about Mercedes models and features visit our official website.