C-Class Rival Audi A4 Spied Heavily Camouflaged

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Of all the three premium mid-sized German sedans, the current A4 is the oldest model after Mercedes-Benz launched the new C-Class this year and BMW’s 3 Series was presented in 2012. Due for an official launch in the summer of 2015, the next Audi A4 is now in late test phase as these images clearly show.

Originally, Audi was supposed to launch the new A4 by the end of this year but due to some last minute changes in design, the release date was pushed back for next year. Exactly what these changes were aimed at, only the people at Audi know. The next Audi A4 will be marketed as a 2016 model while the Avant and Allroad models will come one year later (in 2016 for 2017).

The overall size appears to be about the same as the current range model, but the new version seems to bolster a wider rear track and a more coupe-like roofline. As for the underpinnings, this new Audi A4 is going to be the second car to use the next-generation version of the MLB platform (modular longitudinal), which will eventually form the base for most Audi models from the A4 up.

The future Audi A4 will keep the front wheel drive architecture of the current vehicle and it will continue to offer the quattro four wheel drive system as an option.

Aside from the modularity it offers, the new MLB platform (nicknamed MLB Evo) is also able to house different types of drivetrains, including alternative ones. A Hybrid Plug-In version will be included in the offer for US and Europe.

The question everyone is asking is whether Audi will still make the sporty, all guns blazing RS4 variant for the new model. Unfortunately, there is no definitive info on this but, considering how both BMW and Mercedes have similar cars in their range, the absence of such a model might be viewed as a weakness.

Anyway, you can be sure to see the 2.0 TDI in different power versions including the new bi-turbo diesel launched on Passat coupled to a six speed manual transmission or a seven speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox. Model range will be completed also with 4-cylinder turbo petrol engines and with the new V6 diesel.

Foto: Automedia