Burned down to the ground. Mercedes-Benz GLC ignites in Boston dealership

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A brand-new Mercedes-Benz GLC burned to the ground in a Boston dealership. It caught fire out of the blue. Dealership employees have no idea what could have happened. Authorities are investigating the case.

The fire was first seen by a security guard that was checking the dealership, Lynnfield Fire Department revealed. He immediately dialed the emergency number. Fire-fighters arrived on the scene within a matter of minutes.

By the time the crews had arrived, heavy smoke had already filled up the showroom. “There was so much smoke that there was zero visibility inside”, fire-fighters told the local media. The only way they could reach the source of the fire was with the help of a thermal imaging video camera that identified the hottest point in the building.

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The situation was extremely dangerous, considering the circumstances. The fire was threatening to engulf the entire floor, where there were up to 12 other new vehicles. More teams were called to intervene. The fire was brought under control within approximately an hour and fifteen minutes after it was first reported. Luckily, the dealership was equipped with sprinklers that functioned properly and limited the spread of the fire and reduced possible damages.

An investigation is underway into the apparent spontaneous combustion of the brand-new Mercedes, but all hints indicate to a possible short-circuit of the car’s electric system or battery malfunction.

Hours later, another car started smoking in the parking lot outside the showroom, so the fire-brigade responded to the second call from the dealership in a matter of hours. Surprisingly, they found no fire to ignite.