Bulletproof – Gunman fires at his boss through the windshield of a Mercedes

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Product testing taken to a whole new level! The President and CEO of TAC, a company that produces armored passenger vehicles, was the guinea pig in a test. Dramatic footage shows how his employee simply fired at him with an AK 47. Meanwhile, he was sitting behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz without even blinking.

If your heart skipped a beat while watching this, you must know it was right to do so. The footage is every second real and the man behind the wheel is no mannequin. Besides, the rifle is every inch real, too.

Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) claims to be taking security and testing procedures as seriously as can be. “Assuring our clients’ safety is paramount to success in our industry and batch-testing ballistic materials is critical in our QA process”, they say.

But the company producing – as they claim – the world’s lightest weight armored passenger vehicles – has shocked its audience with a test like never before. The boss tested the bulletproof vehicle himself. He sat in the driver’s seat, with his hands grasping the steering wheel, while he was being shot at. The windshield only cracked and you can see fragments of glass flying around. Believe it or not the CEO walked away without a single scratch.

“Life is valuable, protect it!”, he says as he gets off the Mercedes. Not easy to believe it though, after watching a man being deliberately shot at.

The company claims to be using advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to make the cars they work on stronger than those built by their rivals.

The video is accompanied by a disclaimer that urges the viewers not to attempt such stunts that could easily lead to serious injury and that – in this case – were performed under the strict supervision of trained professionals and in a controlled environment.