Brabus Rocket 900 Desert Gold Edition storms the Dubai Motor Show

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Brabus is keen to keep its Arab clientele happily satisfied. Hence the special Brabus Rocket 900 Desert Gold Edition, exclusively unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show.

Brabus has already presented two Rocket variations based on the new generation Mercedes S-Class, so the powertrain of the new edition doesn not bring any surprises.

brabus-900-rocket-gold-edition (3)That does not mean that the spec sheet isn’t very impressive in its own right. The thunderous V12 powering the Desert Gold Edition churns out no less than 900 hp and 1500 Nm (limited to a ‘lean’ 1200 Nm in normal driving conditions). What all this means is that the mighty Brabus limo hits the 200 km/h mark in 9.1 seconds, while top speed rockets itself over 350 km / h.

The car is painted in the exclusive Desert Gold color, complemented by the Brabus assembled special 21-inch wheels. Inside, the Desert Gold theme is again the main point of attraction with gold accents repeating themselves almost obsessively.

As expected, what we also get to see is a lot of carbon fiber decorating  the exterior of the car. Brabus uses in excess the noble material to cover even minor detailing like the mirror housings and rear diffuser. There is also a special exhaust system available.

brabus-900-rocket-gold-edition (5)

The Dubai Motor Show has begun today. Count therefore to receive even more striking news from the Emirates.