Brabus refines the Mercedes G 500 4×4²

Brabus Mercedes G 500 4x42
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Brabus will present a more powerful Mercedes G 500 4×4² at Frankfurt Motorshow with 500 HP and 710 Nm.

The new Brabus B40 – 500 PowerXtra performance kit will increase dramatically the power of the Mercedes G 500 4×42 with 78 HP and 100 Nm (74 lb-ft) from 422 HP/610 Nm to 500 HP/5,650 rpm and 710 Nm/2,250-4,250 rpm.

The 4-liter V8 biturbo engine in the new Brabus will accelerate the more than 3 tones 500 4×4² from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds while the top speed is limited electronically to 210 km/h (130 mph) to protect the all-terrain tires.

The centerpiece of the conversion is a plug-and-play control module that is adapted to the electronic engine management system.

The engine is mated with a seven speed automatic gearbox and the gears can also be changed manually with Brabus aluminium paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

The stainless steel sport exhaust system with actively controlled butterfly valves allows to choose a subtle “coming home” mode or a “sport” mode by pressing a button on the steering wheel.

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Brabus works also to create an even more fascinating appearance of the highest riding G-Class model. Brabus front bumper panels on the left and right as well as a mirror polished underride guard upgrade the production bumper. An additional panel under the radiator grille with Brabus logo personalizes the front part. The hood scoop, the new radiator grille and the headlamp surrounds are all made from clear coated carbon.

The sides were upgraded with a stair which is activated by pulling a door handle or by operating the keyless entry mode. The rear underride guard is also mirror-polished.

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The interior has the exclusive Brabus luxury touch with fine leather and red seams. Alcantara used for the headliner and for other components in the interior as well as carbon inlays complete the luxury finishing while the stainless steel plates with backlit Brabus logo welcome the passengers. Pedals and door pins are made from aluminium.