This is the Brabus Mercedes S63 AMG 850

Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG
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Who needs a 850hp limousine? Honestly, nobody actually needs one, but… it surely would be fun, wouldn’t it? That was probably what the people at Brabus thought as well when they got their hands on the S63 AMG.

You know how Google always came on top in all the charts as the best company to work for? Well, I’m pretty sure that all the employees at Brabus would strongly disagree with that ranking.

How bad can it be to take already powerful cars and then turn them into ridiculously overpowered machines with an output that is closer to that of a Veyron than to the one of the original AMG model? It’s no easy work, that’s for sure, but do what you like and you’ll never work a day in your life, as the saying goes.

The recipe isn’t new at all – the 5,461 ccm V8 engine was bored out to 5,925 ccm on the Brabus Mercedes so that it now develops 850hp @ 5,400 rpm and, even more impressive, 1.450 Nm @ 2,500-4,500 rpm. Since all that torque is extremely difficult to contain, it is usually limited to “just” 1.000 Nm in order to protect the other components – gearbox, drive shaft and so on.

Brabus hasn’t made public any performance figures but expect them to be pretty jaw-dropping for a car the size of the S63 AMG. Supercar acceleration? Nope. Slightly better. And all that while maintaining the ability to ferry around three people plus driver in absolute comfort. The Brabus Mercedes S63 AMG 850 has got to be one of the most Frankensteinish cars out there – it’s a monster, but one you can’t really be afraid of.

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The interior is nice and white, with some touches of carbon fiber. The seats are wrapped in quilted leather while the central armrest uses the same material, but in a much darker tone of grey (or is it black?). The steering wheel bears the Brabus logo, as do the digital instruments with a speedometer that goes all the way to 400 km/h. Enough said.