Brabus E 850 T faces the Abt RS 6-R in Auto Bild test

Brabus 850 T vs. Abt RS 6-R.
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Did you ever imagine that your family car could confront and beat a Porsche 911 on the German autobahn? Of course, we’re not talking about your averake estate, as Auto Bild tests the mighty Brabus E 850 T and the fierce Abt RS6-R.

If you happen to possess a thick wallet and a family, you might have a soft spot for cars like Audi RS 6 or Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Estate. However, for those moments when you drive alone, there are faster, more powerful options.

Like the Brabus E 850 T and the Abt RS 6-R which went head-to-head in a test carried out by Auto Bild. It is worth noting that Brabus took the standard E63 AMG Estate and brought a bonus of 265 hp, while Abt donated an additional 170 hp to the standard RS 6.

On that note, the Brabus E 850 T – as suggested by its name – delivers a staggering 850 hp thanks to a tuning package mainly focused on a new 5.9-litre engine. As for the RS 6-R, the total power output is rated at 730 hp and comes topped with other goodies like ceramic brakes and sport suspension with Dynamic Ride Control.

Lastly, the Brabus E 850 T can be purchased for price of 83,181 while the Abt RS 6-R comes with the price of €59.900 for the R kit.

For whose who understand German, the full review is available here.