The Boy Who Cried “Wolf!” at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

The „A Fistful of Wolves” Video Story, Berlin
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It does not make any sense, but that is the exact fun of it. Mercedes-Benz is always showing some sense of humour. And now they prove it in fashion. A parody video promoting the fashion event in Berlin has been launched by the Mercedes-Benz TV.

The brains behind a world famous fashion online store, Justin O’Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner are the protagoninsts of the video. He is sporting a wolf-like beard and comfortably sitting in a billion year old orange Mercedes-Benz C111 (actually the concept car was only built in the late 60s and introduced at the 1969 Frankfurt Motor Show , but we’re exaggerating, just like the video is) while driving through the Gruneweld district in Berlin, next to the endlessley long legged Veronika.

“Life is an adventure, like a line caught between two pandas, a deer in the headlights or a fistful of wolves.” What in the world does he mean by that? The more serious he becomes, the funnier everything turns out to be. And right into the top moment of his speech, he realizes he cannot start the car. The car keys are nowhere to be found.

Waiting for his female partner turns into hunting. But she sports the most natural attitude once she opens the gullwing door, so he turns even weirder. He tells her he is out for something. So see what he is looking for. You will be a bit… flabbergasted to find out.

“I was born in 1888. I grew up with crocodiles until the age of ten”. Well, he is hanging on terribly well, we would say. But are we really supposed to believe him when he says he grew older and wiser?

The climax of the video comes when Justin O’Shea is starting to walk in slow motion like the Hollywood heroes that blow up some building and step away from the huge flames. “It seems he woke up on the fashionable side of the bed”, is his pals’ joke.

The video is advertising for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, starting next Monday.