BMW Z5 spied. Mercedes SLC rival comes out for winter testing

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The recently unveiled Mercedes-Benz SLC, formerly known as the SLK, is grabbing all the headlines these days. But BMW is not standing still. Our spy photographers have caught on their cameras for the first time the BMW Z5.

The current Z4 is rather seasoned, gracing the showroom floors since 2008, a fact that make us secretly crave for a new generation of the BMW roadster. Its predecessor also went under the same name, following the name change from Z3 to Z4. Now BMW is ready to change again with the new model expected to receive the Z5 moniker.

The car that has met with our espionage photographer at a temperature of about -25 degrees Celsius, doesn’t reveal much. Unfortunately, the pictures are very dark and it’s hard to distinguish any details.

We see a camouflage patches topped roadster, which of course is again drawn with a long bonnet and a broad snout. It is still unclear whether BMW will retain the metal top of the current Z4. The prototype’s roof is masked with a textile cover so it is safe to assume it will. Still, BMW could ditch the rigid pavilion in favor of a lighter, easier to package canvas top.


One other big question mark relates to the actual platform the Z5 will be built on. Following the long hiatus since BMW and Toyota joined forces to develop a high performance model, we’d say it is not inconceivable that the Z5 is in fact the first fruit of that cooperation. A revelation is expected, though, until the Autumn of next year.

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