BMW takes on Mercedes-AMG, plans the launch of stand-alone M models

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Mercedes-AMG gets a head-on attack from Bavarian rival BMW, who revealed that it is considering the possibility of launching a series of stand-alone M sports cars that are not based on other models.

This way, BMW is following Mercedes-Benz’s strategy for the Mercedes-AMG brand in its bid to increase sales of M-branded performance models, especially as they offer higher profit margins compared to the German manufacturer’s regular models.

One of the options is the launch of performance models under the M brand that are not a stronger version of an existing model and do not yet have a predecessor in the range.

“We are investigating M-variants that may be self-contained, which do not have a predecessor, must fit our character, be a combination of precision, agility and luxury, and we do not copy anyone, we do everything in our own way”, Markus Flasch, head of BMW’s M division, said in an interview with Australian Car Sales blog.

Such a strategy would be similar to that adopted by the rival Mercedes-Benz, which launches numerous performance models, including independent ones, like the GT Coupe, Roadster and 4-Door Coupe, under the Mercedes-AMG brand.

Australian Car Sales claims to have some information that such an M model might even have an electric propulsion system, but the BMW official refused to comment on these speculations. On the other hand, Flasch added that such a model does not necessarily have to be the most expensive in the BMW M range.

A first hint of ​​BMW’s plans to launch independent M sports models is the Vision M Next concept, launched last month and which will most likely anticipate the future of the M division in terms of styling and even propulsion solutions.