BMW advertises its X2 in a Mercedes-Benz dealership

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BMW has chosen a Mercedes-Benz dealership for its latest advertisement of the X2. The Bavarian crossover pulls in front of a few Mercedes-Benz SUVs and the driver drops a microphone on the asphalt.

“A real star rolls out in gold” is the message accompanying the 20-second video posted on Instagram, while the soundtrack plays a hip-hop song. At the front, there is the Galvanic Gold BMW X2. The driver puts the tinted window down and lets a microphone drop on the ground, right in front of four Mercedes-Benz GLAs, all black. A sales agent inspects the cars and stares in surprise at the extravagant appearance.

“I know you’re mad when you see me” say the lyrics of the song, proceeding with “You wanna be me” before the X2 driver starts off.

It is an amusing approach showing that the Bavarians have a great sense of humour and are now waiting for the reply of the rivals in Stuttgart, in the name of a one-century competition. The advertisement was shot two years after BMW M wished Mercedes-AMG “Happy Birthday” on their anniversary year. Mercedes also wished well to those in Munich, on the occasion of their centenary: “Thank-you for 100 years of competition. The first 30 were a bit boring!” was then the message.

“First 30 years were boring without you!” The Mercedes vs BMW prank is still on