Blue beast with read interior in Dubai: the Mercedes-AMG GT S

Mercedes-AMG GT S
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It has already been made to take your breath away from the very launch day. But what if it comes in a stunning chromatic combination like, let’s say, blue paintwork and chilli red interior? Doesn’t it just make you hyperventilate? Need a break? What? Already? But we have just started!

Mercedes-AMG has just started to ship the performance beauties AMG GT and AMG GT S around the world. The Dubai Mercedes car dealership is currently displaying, together with a few most expensive and extravagant cars ever made, the most eye-catching GT S model we have seen so far, as we have grown used to the famous bright Solarbeam and Iridium Silver that we have been seeing in most of the advertising videos and commercial photo sessions. But this time, this Brilliant Blue Metalic is prefectly wrapping the agressively enticing lines of the Mercedes-AMG GT S.

Blue AMG GT7

The Mercedes latest sports road car comes in blue paint for an additional cost of $720 for the U.S. (1,178 euros for Germany).

The sports fireball featuring a 4.0-liter V8 AMG engine runs on a set of matte black sports wheels with bold red calipers. And in case you forgot, it only takes 3.8 seconds to almost instantly reach the 100 km/h speed mark.

Blue AMG GT10

And wait, the most alluring part is yet to come. If you dare to step inside this Mercedes-AMG GT S, you will be mesmerized, as the car comes with an extra spicy combination of Red Pepper and Black Exclusive Nappa leather. Of course, all this luxurious colorful offer does not for free, what did you think? The combination displayed in the land of the very rich, United Arab Emirates, demands extra $3600 for the U.S. (4 651 euros).

In Dubai, the Mercedes-AMG GT S blue beast is definetely going to stand out in the crowd, even though that is the city where the police officers drive SLS AMG and G-Class models.