Blind mechanic drives for the first time. And it’s a Mercedes-AMG GT R

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Dreams do come true, even though they may seem impossible sometimes. Mercedes-Benz has the proof for it. A blind mechanic drove for the first time. And it was the Mercedes-AMG GT R.

Bart Hickey has been a car mechanic for 30 years. He has been running his own business, a workshop located in Alsip, Illinois (USA). He has been repair and restoring cars as far back as he can remember. With an enormous passion on cars, he has never actually driven one in his life. And there is a heart-breaking reason for it: he is blind.

His son though, Brandan, came up with an idea to turn his dream into reality. He asked the help of Mercedes-Benz to accomplish his father’s dream. Therefore, “My Father’s Dream” is the touching documentary that tells the story of a dream come true.

Following a brief training, the blind mechanic sat down in the driver’s seat, checked the gear-shifting pedals, ran has hand on the steering wheel covered in leather, pushed the throttle pedal and off he went.

It happened on the dry bed of the Alvord Lake in Oregon, where there is no obstacle jeopardizing the safety of the blind father driving and of the son, being his co-driver. 57-year old Bart Hickey reached 200 km/h with the green Mercedes-AMG GT R, the supercar developed in the “Green Hell” of Nurburgring and introduced by Mercedes-AMG in June 2016. It is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 with 585 horsepower, capable of hitting a top speed of 318 km/h.