Black Series badge set to return for Mercedes-AMG models

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The Black Series badge is not dead, Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers has confirmed. Upcoming Mercedes-AMG models are set to feature the name, which will remain dedicated to their top-of-the-range hardcore editions.

On the other hand, Moers insists that the new Mercedes-AMG line-up is so good even in standard guise that no Black Series editions are necessary for the moment.

“The Black Series name stays,” said Moers. “It will be necessary in the future, but for now the base cars are so good. The Black Series must be at the top of the hill, but I don’t know when or on what model yet.”

Mercedes’ new performance oriented sub-brand is set to expand in the foreseeable future. The GT range will get more versions mirroring the evolution of its arch-enemy, Porsche’s 911. A direct SLS successor is not planned with the GT considered good enough to fill its gap.

Another Mercedes-AMG model set to make an appearance is a GT3 racer inspired street-legal version, targeted squarely at the Porsche 911 GT3. AMG boss refused to confirm a specific debut date for the more focused Mercedes-AMG GT car, but a launch in 2016 is likely.

According to Moers, Daimler is planning to make a research into just how far the Mercedes-AMG sub-brand could stretch. What Mercedes-AMG boss continues to deny is the planned existence of a fully-fledged supercar. “AMG is not in that league at present, and part of AMG’s ethos is to provide performance and value,” he explained.