Black Magic. Five generations of AMG Black Series supercars

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5. SLS AMG Black Series

The ultimate track tool was also the latest AMG Black Series hero: the SLS. As Black Series,  the supercar has reinvented itself as the perfect sports car. One last time, AMG has strengthened the 6.2-liter V8 engine for even more power. The eight fist-sized piston lawn went up to 8,000 rpm, gunning down the huge 635 Newton meters torque and 631 hp power reserve to the rear wheels with the help of the active locking rear axle differential. The exhaust system made of titanium not only saves thirteen kilograms, but also produced a high frequency score in the hard-hitting Nascar acoustics style. The chassis and optics might as well hire in endurance racing for the first time. Everywhere flics, flaps and fins, plus spoilers and sills, the complete optical carnage. Type? Shotgun sniper. Incredibly, however, is not only the kinky precision with which SLS hacks through curves or the great force it propels its long nose ahead, but the slimmer feel the SLS leaves when driven hard, compared to how it actually looks. The V8 overgrown completely disinhibited over the entire speed range, milled from 7000 rpm like a racing engine… it can only be brought to a halt by tough ceramic brakes. Ultra direct front axle, precision steering and grips level shooting for unconsciousness… the SLS is a hammer hard primeval creature that is happy to wag its tail on corner exits. But that belongs somehow to the essence of the Black Series: all must dance before revealing their true power and ability.

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