Black Magic. Five generations of AMG Black Series supercars

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2. CLK 63 AMG Black Series

The second level of escalation in the AMG Black Series family reached different heights. In displacement, in the dimensions and in general. Again, AMG worked its magic on Mercedes’ Formula 1 Safety Car of the time. The same template: optimize the suspension, brakes, wheels and performance. The result, however, is mutated in significantly modestly looser way. The main reason is the significantly sharper underwear sitting under the wide fenders penned in DTM style. Spring links, wheel carriers, thrust, camber and torque struts – nothing recalls the “normal” CLK 63 through the curves. The track grows with 75 mm in the front and 66 mm in the back, the body was stiffened with additional crossbars (in engine compartment and boot). Dampers are adjustable in compression and rebound, toe and camber also a matter of personal preference. Nominally, the 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 churned out 507 hp and 630 Nm. Already in the basement he seethes a somber hymn to the power of the engine capacity to 5200 rpm it smashes 630 Nm in its – unfortunately still quite sluggish – converter to 6800 he rocks the performance in full power. Responsive front wheels, locking rear axle differential, plus a bread dry chassis that minimizes body roll to a barely perceptible degree and precision handling, the Black Series is pure thorough bred sports car. Any blurring… if any, covers the steering. Stubborn to self-center, it does not reflect the chassis’ abilities as precisely as one hopes in the fight with the longitudinal and transverse forces.

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