Black Magic. Five generations of AMG Black Series supercars

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Precisely ten years ago, AMG presented in 2006 the first “Black Series” model. To mark the anniversary AUTO BILD honors the five generations of AMG Black Series supercars: SLS, SLK, C-Class, CLK and SL.

1. SLK 55 AMG Black Series

An intermediate step between the SLK Formula 1 Safety Car of 2004 and 2005 and the 2006 SLK was a modified SLK 55 AMG, the first-ever Black Series supercar. And hey! A lot was changed: a fixed carbon fiber roof, flared wheel arches stretching across the wider track, forged 19-inch alloys. The interior was covered in contrasting leather and Alcantara with a black headliner looking towards the spectacular front dome panorama – under which a 400 hp and 520 Nm 5.5-liter V8 was ready to rumble. Even today, around ten years later, it still makes a strong impression. In 15.5 seconds, the SLK will sprint to 200 km / h, all this while sounding too good to be true. Rear-wheel drive meant a lot of drifting power. The only questionable choice: a foamy seven-speed automatic transmission, untouched from the standard SLK 55 AMG. Nevertheless, if you think of the 400 hp versus 1420 kilos, the bassy rhythm in the rear, and every little branch unrestrained tickles playfulness… The SLK had a big heart in a small body.

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