Bizarre Mercedes G-Class 4X4² pickup caught – FIRST SPY PICS

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It should not a secret anymore that the current G-Class will soon have a successor. What is indeed surprising is that Mercedes-Benz appears to be preparing another remarkable variation of the legendary off-roader, a G-Class 4X4² pickup.

The G-Class has been cast since its creation in various forms. We have seen over the years three- and five-door versions, variants with and without folding roof, AMG creations, a variant with six wheels and the striking 4X4². Now Mercedes-Benz seems to have something extra in store.

G-Class-4X4² (2) has already published pictures of what looks like a camouflaged G500 4X4², a further raised and width smeared variant of the G500. Yet there is something special going on. The wheelbase seems longer than that of the known 4X4² and at the rear we see a taped portion of the carriage. It would appear that the car tested here is indeed a pick-up version of the 4X4² and
with a double cab no less.

We can rule out Mercedes-Benz here are simply testing the future X-Class pick-up, based on the Nissan Navara. For that model prototypes of course much more resembled the Nissan already mentioned. We await an official announcement on what could this bizarre pickup be.

G-Class-4X4² (3)