Big and bigger: New Mercedes GLE and GLS spied together

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Mercedes-Benz is renewing its SUV line. The GLE and GLE Coupé, just like the bigger brother GLS class, are being replaced in a relatively short period by completely new models. Autoweek has captured both the new GLE and the new GLS class in one spy photo session.

BMW may present a completely new X5 next year and if we have a little longer patience, the brand will come up with a production version of the X7 Concept. But Mercedes-Benz is not sleeping either. New GLE and GLS models are ready to be unveiled.

Mercedes-Benz gives its GLE, better known as ML-class before the facelift of the current generation, a rounder-drawn body with which the X5-competitor fits better with the rest of the current Mercedes-range. Thanks to its new MRA modular base, the weight loss of the second-largest Mercedes will be significant. After the launch of the GLE-class we can of course count on the arrival of a new GLE Coupé, a car with which Mercedes-Benz competes with the X6 from BMW. In the second half of next year, the new GLE will show its face.

This is it! 2018 Mercedes GLE interior revealed

With the GLS, formerly GL, Mercedes-Benz had since 2007 an SUV that in every way towers over its smaller GLE brother. The second generation that is still in Mercedes-Benz showrooms is being followed by a completely new model in 2019. Just like the GLE, the GLS also gets a more modern Mercedes design. Once again the GLS is a giant, the car looking even bigger than the current one in the photos. Naturally, the car benefits from the semi-autonomous techniques that Mercedes-Benz has rolled out over the S and E classes, among other things.

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