Best Global Brands 2020 – Mercedes-Benz is world’s most valuable luxury automotive brand

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Mercedes-Benz is once again the world’s most valuable luxury automotive brand. In the overall ranking, the car with the star stood its ground in the eighth place.

Mercedes-Benz has an estimated brand value of 49,268 billion US dollars. The premium car maker is the only European brand that gets a position among the first ten in the ranking.

“The entire Mercedes-Benz team is proud to once again be among the top ten ‘Best Global Brands’ this year. And to defend our position as the world’s most valuable luxury automotive brand for the fourth year in a row”, says Bettina Fetzer, Vice President Marketing at Mercedes-Benz AG.

The highest level of innovation and the luxury mobility that Mercedes-Benz focuses on have once again drawn the award like a magnet. Such features provide the brand with the long-term loyalty of the customers.

The US brand consultancy Interbrand has been making research and setting up rankings of the world’s most valuable brands since 1999. The criteria the juries examine are: Financial performance of the brand’s products or service, Role of the brand in the purchase decision process and Strength of the brand with regard to securing future corporate earnings.

The American company was the first that ever developed a brand valuation method, certified in compliance with the ISO 10668 standard.

What other car makers except Mercedes-Benz join the Best Global Brands 2020?

There are several car makers recognized as Best Global Brands 2020. Mercedes-Benz is the world’s most valuable luxury automotive brand and the eighth in the overall ranking. It comes with an estimated value of 49,268 billion dollars. In the seventh spot, there is Toyota, with 51,595 billion dollars.

Most valuable brands 2020

BMW ranks eleventh with 39,756 billion dollars, while Honda stands in the 20th position with 21,694 billion dollars.

Apple takes the lead this year as well, with an estimated worth of 322,999 billion dollars. Amazon and Microsoft keep the IT giant company, while Google and Samsung follow them closely.