Bentley’s first SUV will be called Bentayga

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Bentley’s first production SUV will be called Bentayga. The unusual badge draws its inspiration from a mountain landscape on Gran Canaria in the Atlantic, Roque Bentayga.

Now in its final testing phase, the upcoming Bentley Bentayga will be revealed this Autumn and will go on sale next year, in three guises: V8, W12 and plug-in hybrid, the latter being capable of running 30 miles on battery power alone. The W12 powered Bentley Bentayga is expected to reach a maximum speed in excess of 300 km/h, claiming the title of fastest SUV in the world.

The launch of the new ultra-luxury Bentayga marks the first foray the British manufacturer has ever made into the lucrative SUV niche. It should easily become Bentley’s best-selling model, performing strongly in markets like China and the US, where the SUV segment is already expanding three times faster than the market as a whole.

According to Bentley chairman and CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer, annual sales predictions for the ultra-luxury SUV will likely surpass the 3.000 units target set earlier in its development stages.

The emergence of the Bentayga is a direct result of Bentley’s plan to push total volume beyond 20,000 units a year, up from last year’s record figure of 11,020 cars.

A “pinnacle of luxury and performance”, the Bentayga “will be a very luxurious model, but it will also be very fast and very capable”, hinted Dürheimer.