Bentley Bentayga revealed. The most expensive SUV ever

Bentley Bentayga 1:43
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Mercedes’ reign at the top of the SUV pyramid is about to end. Bentley Bentayga, the brand’s first-ever crossover will become the most expensive SUV in the world, eclipsing both the GL and the G-Class.

The premiere is set in stone for this year’s Frankfurt motor show in September. The wait is over much earlier, though, with the final design of the all-new Bentley Bentayga revealed courtesy of The upcoming 4×4 will be revealed this Autumn and will go on sale next year.

What our Chinese colleagues have got their hands on is not a full set of official photos depicting the full-size Bentley Bentayga, but a scale model replica in 1:43 scale. From the looks of it, the model is made by Bentley’s long-time partner Kyosho.

Design-wise, the Bentayga doesn’t bring any surprises. Its lines evoque both the latest Flying Spur and Volkswagen’s own Touareg 2, ditching the flamboyant detailing of its EXP F9 conceptual fore-bear.

Built on the same MLB Evo platform as its Audi Q7 cousin, Bentley first-ever production SUV will be available in V8, W12 and plug-in hybrid guises. The W12 powered Bentley Bentayga is expected to reach a maximum speed in excess of 300 km/h, claiming the title of fastest SUV in the world.

Of course, Mercedes can’t look indifferently at Bentley’s new pride and joy SUV. The Germans are working on their own answer, a new ultra-luxury SUV set to become the third member of the burgeoning Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes’ sub-brand. Based on Benz’s upcoming revised GLS off-roader, it will cater for hot 4x4s demand in markets like Asia or the Middle East.