Behind the scenes – How to test a Mercedes-EQ electric car?

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We are going behind the scenes to check exactly how experts actually test a Mercedes-EQ electric car.

Immendingen, Germany. It is Daimler’s top secret proving grounds. Our host in the second episode of the Mercedes-EQ Enthusiasts series, Dennis, is taking us in there to meet the people who put the cars to the toughest of tests.

Bastian Schult is an expert in overall testing and is currently working on the EQS luxury saloon. The car shows up wearing a solid layer of black and white camouflage. He speaks of a range of up to 700 kilometers in the WLTP cycle, something that the Mercedes reps have indicated before.

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The Mercedes-EQC electric car looks like Terminator

At the testing center, a Mercedes EQC looks just like a Terminator model. The experts have made backlit cutouts specifically to offer a glimpse at the technical details of the car. It is a 400 4MATIC variant.

The cabin is empty, so once the doors and boot are open, everything is out in the open. The electric motors, one on each of the two axles, securing the all-wheel drive, the battery pack, the wiring are all exposed. They use every available bit of space. The model comes with a total output of 408 horsepower.

The EQC electric car rolls off the assembly line in Bremen, where Mercedes also builds its “siblings”, the GLC and the C-Class sedan and wagon.

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Testing takes place on all kinds of surfaces. Rough asphalt, whisper asphalt, icy or snowy roads are all part of this phase. Engineers make efforts to reduce noise, vibration and harshness.

With state-of-the-art safety and comfort systems, any Mercedes-EQ electric car must undergo this part of the testing and multiple others. Mistakes such as going off the road do happen when experts push the cars to the limit, especially on trails covered in snow in Sweden. Therefore the presence of a front towing hook. Other times, such situations occur that it takes weeks to fix them.