It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like… a Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz Christmas Decorations
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Have you decorated the Christmas tree yet? If so, maybe you could still find some room for some Mercedes-Benz decorations to make your tree look a lot like… a Mercedes.

Whether you’re a Grinch or not, the Mercedes-Benz Christmas decorations are made to put you in the mood. You don’t need to rock around the Christmas tree or anything. Just place the star at the top of your tree. The Mercedes-Benz star.

Mercedes-Benz is selling special Christmas decorations for the Benz enthusiast. You can choose from silver and golden.

The golden ones, in a 4-piece ornament set, are all made of glass and already wrapped in a gift box. Three of them have a star pattern in white and the fourth features the Mercedes-Benz logo. You can purchase them for $27.


If you should prefer silver, your needs are also met in a very special way. A special 2012 edition set of two silver glass ornaments, painted from within with scenes of the legendary 1952 Carrera Panamericana, the long-distance race where the 300 SL achieved a double victory. You can hang them in your Christmas tree by silver ribbons and let the Mercedes-Benz star logo shine for a $49 price.

Mercedes-Benz Christmas decorations

Items are not returnable, so no, you can’t send them back and get others for next Christmas.

And for the most wonderful time of the year, here is something to put under the tree, if you have a junior Mercedes-Benz fan. The Actros silver plastic truck, with precision steering with a small turning circle costs $101 and is suitable for children over 18 months old.

And the Mercedes-Benz accessories shop also has surprises for the grown ups. A purse featuring the Mercedes-Benz Star Medallion in the left corner for the lady for $149 and a hand watch with a bracelet strap with ceramic links for the gentleman would spare the whole family the Christmas rush.

Now… all we want for Christmas is a Mercedes-Benz. A full-sized one that would surely not fit under the Christmas tree.