Beetlejuice involved in hit-and-run crash

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Oh, no, what have you done, Beetlejuice? One week after Halloween, hilarious news surfaces the internet. Well, not hilarious for the owner of the damaged Mercedes though. A woman wearing the costume of the famous movie character Beetlejuice was involved in a hit-and-run crash in southeast Atlanta.

If this was the trick in “Trick or treat”, it was a lame one for sure! Last week in Atlanta, a surveillance camera shot shocking images. A car hit a Mercedes parked right on the side of the road. The video shows the suspect’s vehicle nearly flipping and… surprise! Beetlejuice himself came out of the car and inspected the damage. He made a phone call and, only minutes later, a Ninja turtle and a zombie showed up to help him out. They strained their muscles and pushed the car off the Benz. Then they all got in the car and fled the crash scene.

They thought they could get away with totaling a Benz, but neighbor Rob Fitzgerland saw everything. And he also took pictures of the suspects and wrote down the license plate number. The crash bang woke him up. It was around 2:30 in the morning.

The next day, the owner of the Mercedes, Hillary Meador, must have thought she must have forgotten to treat somebody for Halloween and got tricked. Her 11-year old Mercedes is now totaled. “Whoever did this should have just left a note. It is comical, because they are in costumes, but someone could have really gotten hurt”, says Miss Meador, who was visiting her sister that night.

Three days later, Beetlejuice turned himself into Atlanta Police. It turns out that Beeltejuice is not a he, but a she. 26-year old Jonna Capehart was cited for failure to maintain lane and duty upon striking an unattended vehicle.

We strongly recommend the 1988 “Beetlejuice” director Tim Burton to keep an eye on all his characters. Otherwise, they go out hitting cars and running away from the crash scene.