Beauty and Brains at Mercedes-Benz

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The Media Department at Mercedes-Benz is now under new manangement. Bettina Fetzer is the one that holds the (power) horses in the PR section starting August, 1st.

Bettina FetzerBettina Fetzer is now responsible for the global Product and Brand PR for Mercedes-Benz cars, passenger car brands of Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-AMG and smart included. She follows in the footstepts of former PR manager Cristoph Horn, who, on September 1st, moved on to ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

Bettina Fetzer, now 35, has got beauty and brains. She has been working for Daimler for 11 years already. Since 2004, she has held positions which have included Spokesperson for smart and Assistant to the Head of Group Communications. She has also been Head of Mercedes-Benz Financial Communications.

Mattias Brock“Bettina Fetzer meets all of the requirements for further strengthening and enhancing our product communications with a focus on the future”, says Jörg Howe, Head of Global Communications of Daimler AG.

Miss Fetzer’s move at the top of the PR Department is not the only one in Daimler. Starting October 1st, Matthias Brock becomes the new Head of the Editorial Team within the Mercedes-Benz Cars Press Department. He is taking on the responsibility after the retirement of Norbert Giesen. Matthias Brock is also a veteran in the company that he entered back in 2003. Since that moment on, he has been responsible for various areas within the Reasearch, Development and Environmental Communications departments.

Mercedes-Benz will surely benefit from their expertise. And when it comes to Bettina Fetzer, from beauty as much as from brains.