How to beat the Mercedes-AMG GT waiting list

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Mercedes-AMG GT has generated a lot of buzz following its premiere. And just like any other sports coupes with supercar credentials, it comes in short supply. Cult following eventually yields to high demand. How to beat the waiting list?

Simple. Turn your attention towards the second-hand or the so-called grey market. Low-mileage cars with clean service books. Dozens of Mercedes-AMG GT models with low mileage have gradually started to pop up on the internet. You just have to really try looking.

Most of the advertisements found on the portal, one of the biggest in the world, did not win our trust, with patchy descriptions or no real-life photos among the culprits. We did manage to stumble upon a batch of really note-worthy ads, though.

A black model registered at the beginning of the year qualifies as the cheapest Mercedes-AMG GT online right now. It is listed at 164.890 euros, a reasonable price considering we are talking about the 510 HP GT S version with a thick options list and only 23 kilometers (16 miles) on its odometer.


Another drool-worthy example is another designo silver Mercedes-AMG GT of the S variety. Fitted with the sought-after Burmester sound system, it is currently sitting in the parking lot of HBW-Handelsangentur located in Barsbüttel, Germany. Its price? 182.500 euros.

Official pricing for brand-new Mercedes-AMG GT coupes starts much lower, of course, but checking all the right extras’ boxes can easily inflate the final bill. The basic 462 HP version starts at €115,430 while the 510 HP S model starts at €134,351.

Mercedes-AMG GT has a low-height center of gravity and a particularly refined chassis, which works under the supervision of the AMG Ride Control electronic system. Power comes from an all-new 4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine developed from scratch by Mercedes’ AMG performance sub-brand. It is sent to the rear axle through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The transaxle configuration ensures a perfect weight distribution of the 1,645 kg on tap, with slight bias to the rear (47/53%).