Based on Mercedes Actros: The most amazing motorhome in the world (video)

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Happy New Year to all Mercedes fans! If you are already planning a 2022 holiday, we recommend one of the most amazing motorhomes in the world produced by Dembell on a Mercedes Actros chassis.

The Dembell manufacturer located in Wilhelmsdorf, Germany, offers three types of luxury motorhomes: with side storage, small garage and large garage. In the video below you can see an excellent review of the medium version with small garage that fits a smart fortwo.

The price of this model starts at 1 million euros and with all the options it reaches 1,070,000 euros. Built on a chassis of Mercedes Actros, it has a 12.8 liter V6 engine (in the video it is a mistake because the engine is not V12) which develops 530 HP and measures 12 m long, 4 m high and 2.5 meters wide. For a smaller turning radius, Dembell has integral steering just like the new Mercedes S-Class or Mercedes EQS.

Dembell does not have the classic rear-view mirrors, which are replaced by side-view cameras. The motorhome also has Two Slide-Outs that extend about 50 cm on the living room side and 70 cm on the kitchen side. Below the living area there is a storage compartment for two folding chairs and the technical compartment for the hydraulic pump and the air conditioning unit.

In the central area are the stairs for access to the interior which are electrically operated. If we look above, we see the four solar panels of 320W each, 1320 W in total, the energy can be stored in the four Li-Ion batteries of 200 Amps, a total of 800 Amps. Thus, we have an independent source of energy for emergencies without having to start the 408 kW diesel generator.

When you want to dine in the shade you can extend the huge horizontal sunshade which has an area of ​​6 m long and 3.5 meters wide and which also has a vertical part that offers not only shade but also privacy. The sun visor stays open up to a wind speed of 39 km/h when it closes automatically. In the back there is a small garage where you can park a smart fortwo painted in the same black and white colors as the motohome. The interior and upholstery and the Dembell emblem are in tune with the colors of the motorhome.

On the other side there are two compartments – one for access to the heating network and one completely insulated for the diesel generator that starts automatically whenever needed.

The interior is simply fabulous because Dembell works with a design company that also deals with yachts. In the living room draws attention to the 50-inch LCD TV mounted in an ideal position to be visible from the comfortable sofa. The middle table can be electrically operated by turning from a coffee table into a dining table. The living room is lit from above by a heated window (by the way, all the windows are heated!) And also the floor is heated.

The motorhome has four seats, the ones on the second row can be rotated 180 degrees to turn into two additional seats in the living room. But the most incredible detail is the bed above the chairs in the second row that goes down electrically. The ceiling above the bed is heated and there are also two LED reading lamps. Thus, four people can sleep in this motorhome: two in the bedroom and two in this bed.

The dashboard looks like a luxury SUV and all four seats are heated, ventilated, with massage function and have air suspension. The kitchen is ultra-luxurious and features a Miele hood with induction hob, Miele oven and Miele dishwasher. Of course all the compartments in the kitchen have a soft close. The camouflaged sink that is hidden under the kitchen counter is also absolutely sensational.

Between the living room and the bedroom there is a compartment where there is the control unit for the air conditioning and generator but also for the two slide-outs. We then enter the night area. Next to the bedroom there is an ultra-luxurious bathroom with heated toilet and electrically operated lid. The bathroom also includes a shower with a sufficient height and for long trips there is even a Miele washing machine. In the back there is a spacious bedroom excellently lit by the two side windows also heated. Behind the bed is a spacious closet with many compartments.